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Official music video by Gracenote performing "I'm Done" -- off the latest album 'Small World'

Eunice Jorge
Jazz Jorge
Tatsi Jamnague
EJ Pichay

Composer: Eunice Jorge
Arranged by: Gracenote
Recorded at: La Balls Studio
Recorded by: Nick Lazaro
Mixed and Mastered by: Willy Villa
Published by: Universal Records and Soupstar Music Inc.

Director: Darwin Hernandez
Asst. Director: Jem Cadeliña
Director of Photography: RJ Villanueva
Camera: RJ Villanueva and Jem Cadeliña
Colorist: Jem Cadeliña

Production Manager: Badeth Marzan
Production Assistant Manager: Harieth Escober
Production Crew: Ian Marcelo and Victor San Jose
Hair and Make up Artist: Mayve Cañamo
Photography & Documentation: RJ Villanueva

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