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Dying To Live Lyrics - Hi-Rez: Presenting the lyrics of the song "Dying To Live" sung by Hi-Rez. This song is produced by Ryan Summer.

Dying To Live Lyrics - Hi-Rez

And they say that they miss u mine this watching
No, I wonder if they laughing and they
Why Am I dying to live without
Why Am I

What I gotta suck the no fear pills
what he’s got this right prescription to these people
when they know that it kills
while these politicians got us divided
why suicide rate and overdosing at an all-time high
why the ones that we love fuck the shoreline
I’m always trying to get when no one gives me a try
why they cut down everything live when I turn on the news
why I always get stressed in shit the
girls trying to be like him
but  they don’t wanna eat right work hard to go to the gym
why that dealer sell that pack to Mack 
how we lose Jimmy wopo same week
it was back to back
how we bruised Kobe in that crash 
Tell me why the last
couple years just been so trash I wonder
when I die who don’t cry who go left
right oh good time
to move so fast

everybody wanted to be famous but they
don’t wanna work hard and still expected
life to be changing what is new rappers
mumble this shit why everybody act wrong
man no one humble this shit what I have
to go and kill my cousin why the trash
rappers with no talent is the ones that
is buzzing while my brother diagnosed
with cancer and why when he calls I
always questioned if I even should dance
nobody fighting about religion and race
why is there always so much negativity
up in my face why we still treat the
hurt like shit and why we treat homeless
people like they doesn’t exist why
people choose had to pop their bills
this summer tell me why pop smoke got
killed what a good die young and the
rich get richer they make more money
every time


Dying To Live Lyrics - Hi-Rez

Hi-Rez - Dying To Live Song Details

Song: Dying To Live
Singer: Hi-Rez
Directed by- Rachel Katz & Hi-Rez
Produced By: Ryan Summer

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